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The Gut,
The Heart,
and The Head

The Enneagram is further divided into three categories known as triads, which broadly describe how we process information and respond to it.

The gut triad is ruled by instincts, which can manifest itself outwards, inwards, or mixed. Type Eight (Challenger) is the most dominant, expressing their power by commandeering others. On the other hand, Type One (Perfectionist) tends to be inner directed, as tension between self-defined ideals and reality brews. Type Nine (Peacemaker) is ultimately conflicted, trying to contain their inner urges to maintain harmony with others.

Enneagram types that function more with their feelings are Types Two, Three and Four. Each deals with emotions differently. Type Twos (Givers) rely on the affections of others to feel good, Type Threes (Performers) compartmentalize, and Type Fours (Individualists) dwell in their inner worlds.

Intellect is the driving force for Types Five, Six and Seven. These Enneagram archetypes cope with fears using their heads as they react to situations and relationships. Type Fives (Investigators) tend to withdraw into their own minds, Type Sixes (Skeptics) seek confirmation from external sources to allay their inner doubts, and Type Sevens (Enthusiasts) embrace outside stimuli to escape.

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