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Type 7 Investor

Blue-sky scenarios appeal to Type Sevens (Enthusiasts) and they tend to go big. 

Core Motivation: More

The insatiable appetite of Type Sevens applies to the whole nine yards, from having the greatest experiences to acquiring more friends and knowledge. It also infects how they approach personal investing. Type 7 investors can get carried away when ideas spark joy in their minds. Often, they can jump from opportunity to opportunity, wanting to invest in everything.

Primary Focus: Upside

Blue-sky investment cases will appeal to Type Sevens. This makes high growth companies and alternative assets especially enticing, because most of these investments require investors to imagine what could go right, rather what could go wrong. Type Sevens are not inclined to think of downside cases, nor do they really want to. The more bullish the upside scenarios, the more fascinated Type 7 investors will be.

Key Avoidance: Pain

Type Sevens are often in a hurry to move forward, because staying in the present to deal with mundane details can be painful, and they have little to no inherent interest in doing so. When it comes to investing, doing proper due diligence can be a long and arduous process. Pain avoidance in Type Sevens can result in rash investment choices. 

Trigger: Limitations

Nothing triggers Type Sevens more than limitation. Restraints, especially when enforced externally, is likely to provoke some quick reactions. When a Type 7 investor runs out of capital to invest or realizes there is insufficient cash on hand, borrowing becomes tempting to chase those big returns.

Blind Spot: Downside

The combination of rose-tinted lenses and a strong urgency to move to the future can lead to scant attention paid to alternative viewpoints and downside cases. Or they may just tune them out altogether. Things can always go wrong when it comes to investing; even large corporations sometimes find themselves slipping into oblivion over time due to disruptive technologies and changing consumer tastes. 

Pivots: Types 1 and 5

Type 7 investors may lean into the discipline of Type One perfectionists to bring balance to their appetite for excesses. Slowing down like a Type Five investigator may also provide firmer grounding to their investment process.

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