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Type 9 Investor

As investors, Type Nines (Peacemakers) may feel minimal action to be the best course of action to maintain their inner peace. 

Core Motivation: Status Quo

Change is difficult but an essential component of personal investing. As life progresses, financial needs evolve. Status quo can only work for so long until it does not anymore. By that point, the challenge is to make shifts in financial planning that befit new realities. 

Primary Focus: Inner Peace

Having peace of mind when it comes to money is a tricky proposition. Nagging worries may be a sign that something is not right and remediation actions need to be taken before one can restore a state of calm. Or it could be irrational neuroses at work. On the other hand, not experiencing any worry at all may suggest mindfulness, contentment, and confidence in one’s fiscal plan in place. Or it can mean self-denial.

Key Avoidance: Reality Checks

Peace-seeking investors may numb their monetary concerns by focusing on the mundane or refusing to look at their finances. They may over rely on their spouses, families, or friends to make all the decisions and claim ignorance. Ironically, when Type 9 investors cede real-world deliberations to keep stress at bay, they may feel even less at peace over time.

Trigger: Lacking a Say

Though Type 9 investors like to believe that they are easygoing and want to go with the flow, their natural instincts may inform them otherwise. Bottling up contrarian opinions to keep the peace with others may backfire because deep down, Type 9 investors still need to be seen and heard. Everyone does.

Blind Spot: Self-Efficacy

When Type 9 investors take a far too passive approach to money matters, they miss out on learning more about the subject. The more Type Nine investors give in to passivity, the less opportunities they will have to exercise discretionary muscles in forging their own financial paths. This can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as hesitation feeds further into insecurity and inaction.

Pivots: Types 3 and 6

To help Type 9 investors move into action, the taskmaster traits of Type Three performers may prove motivational. At the same time, Type Six skepticism can help shake up their status quo in a healthy way.

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