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Mind Games: Head Triad

Types 5, 6, 7 are your cerebral creatures

Image by Mick Haupt

Type Five (Investigator)

Type Fives (Investigators) love digging deep into anything that captures their imagination. From a scientist engrossed with experiments inside a laboratory to someone obsessed with conspiracy theories, they represent the cerebral triad (alongside Types Sixes and Sevens) of the Enneagram more than the others.


Unlike Type Sixes that shuffle between internal thoughts and external opinions, or Type Sevens seeking mental stimulations from outside experiences, Type Fives are rooted in their own minds. 

Knowledge is power to Type Fives; there is no end to a Type Five’s learning journey. These investigators find everything they need in their own minds; hence they are seldom bored.


Type Six (Skeptic)

Type Sixes (Skeptics) are primarily motivated by security. They want to feel supported and believe in the status quo, for as long as it feels reassuring.

A deep desire for security compels Type Sixes to think of multiple ways in which it may be compromised. Contingency planning, worse-case scenario analyses, and insurance policies are hence common tools employed, to prevent or mitigate negative outcomes in almost every aspect of their lives. Consequently, Type Sixes tend to be meticulous, vigilant, and diligent.

An underlying wariness against danger (real or imagined) can result in significant anxiousness – ironically so, in their efforts to establish ease of mind. Anxiety is hence a primary trait among Type Sixes, whether in good or bad times.

Image by Antoine Martin

Type Seven (Enthusiast)

Type Sevens (Enthusiasts) are characterized by unbound energy and an insatiable taste for stimulations. They are rarely alone as they love the company of friends, family and even strangers around them. Think of all the fun-loving, life-of-the party people who often have plenty of great stories to tell and enough spontaneity to fill the entire room. 

Many Type Sevens embrace life by seemingly living it to the fullest, from reading more books than anyone else to enjoying travel adventures.

Optimism is a key trait among Type Sevens; they tend to look on the bright side and embrace a glass half full philosophy. This allows them to reframe and move on from mistakes or pains without dwelling on them.

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