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What a Feeling: Heart Triad

Types 2, 3, 4 are moved by their hearts

Image by Yogi Purnama

Type Two (Giver)

Type Twos (Givers) are people-oriented and place high importance on relationships, from family and friends to professional associates and colleagues. They are giving personalities, motived to extend a helping hand, and hence Type Twos are also known as “Helpers”, and “Pleasers”.

There lies a strong correlation between self-esteem and the quality (or quantity) of relationships; thinking and feeling patterns tend to move in tandem with how much Type Twos feel loved and appreciated for their acts of generosity.

As part of the heart triad with an outward focus, many of them drive their emotional landscapes by relying on positive feedback.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Type Three (Performer)

Type Threes (Performers) are synonymous with accomplishments. In the corporate world, having that prestigious corner office, working at a gold-plated investment bank, claiming an impressive title, and travelling in business class resonate most with this archetype. Image is paramount.

In social settings, typical Type Threes are well-dressed wherever they go, demonstrating their superior sense of style. Type Threes project confidence no matter how they feel on the inside.

Sharing vulnerabilities with others, even in close relationships, is difficult since they do not wish to exhibit weakness. What they wear on the outside is therefore more than just fashion – it is cloak and armor.

Image by Austin Mabe

Type Four (Individualist)

Type Fours (Individualists) display their individuality. Their expressions can be in the form of enjoying cool indie music, creating original artwork, wearing eclectic combinations of clothing and accessories, or showing unusual depths of emotions.

To be like everyone else does not motivate them. Not only do Type Fours want to be true to themselves, but they also yearn to be different from others.

As part of the heart triad, Type Fours (Individualists) are driven by emotions, and they are most in touch with their feelings out of all Enneagram types. With much more inward focus than either of the two other heart triad types – Threes (Performers) and Twos (Givers) – Type Fours are marked by their heightened self-awareness. Many of them are thus introspective.

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